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Following are the treatments offered at The Gilead Centre. Click on each treatment for a description and current fee structure*:

*Nov 09. Prices subject to change. Cancellations require 48 hours notice. Missed appointments are billed in full. Patients with financial difficulties may apply for financial assistance.


Heilkunst is the art of making whole (healthy in all aspects mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually). It is the full remediation of “dis-ease” by annihilating the cause/source of the “dis-ease”. Heilkunst is a scientific approach to medicine discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann over 250 years ago, and is in fact the basis to our modern allopathic system of medicine.
The patient is treated by utilizing their sequential timeline (a timeline of their life traumas and events physical, mental, and emotional) in order to gain balance and a deeper understanding of self, and one’s life purpose. This occurs by removing the obstacles to one’s state of health, the blockages, in order to experience life as God would have intended. Heilkunst helps the body, mind and soul to process events/traumas so that it can finally release those blockages and move forward with life. Heilkunst addresses both acute and chronic conditions and “dis-ease”. Nutritional/regimenal counseling is included in and a part of treatment.

  • Initial Consultation: $130.00
  • Follow up Appointments: $80.00
  • Children under 12 Initial Consultations: $110.00
  • Follow up Consultations for Children Under 12: $70.00
  • Combination Initial appointments include Heilkunst, Live Blood Analysis and Nutritional Counseling: $180.00. Immediate family members having an initial consult concurrently will receive 25% discount for subsequent family members.

*Homeopathic Remedies (medicines) are included with regular treatments.
**Remedy Replacements for lost or broken remedies: $7.00 each
***Family Rates are available for appointments occurring back to back. Ask for details.

Dynamic Live Blood Analysis:

Dynamic Live Blood Analysis is the process of looking at both live and dried blood samples through the microscope in order to help the patient arrive at their optimum level of health. Through looking at indicators within the blood we can determine how well the body is handling daily stressors (such as environmental toxins, diet and lifestyle, mental/emotional stressors, medical treatments and procedures etc) and what needs to be done in order to bring the body back into balance. It is a preventative tool that is an extremely useful to bring the body back to its optimum state of functioning.

  • Initial Blood Consultation: $130.00
  • Follow up Consultations: $80.00
  • Blood Typing: $10.00
  • Homeopathic remedies if required will be charged at $7.00 each.

See Blood Analysis sample pictures

Dynamic Nutrition Counseling:

Dynamic Nutrition Counseling refers to the process of understanding the unique way that each person’s body functions and works at its optimum. Various measures are then implemented in order to bring about balance and health in the patient. A number of methods are used in order to bring forth a deeper sense of health and well being including diet, lifestyle, exercise programs, herbs, minerals, vitamins and minerals, guided meditations and prayer.

  • Initial Nutrition Consultation: $80.00
  • Follow up Consultations: $60.00
  • Homeopathic remedies if required will be charged at $7.00 each.

Scenar Therapy:

Scenar is a biofeedback devise invented for the Space Station by Russia in order to give astronauts the ability to heal their injuries and stressors while in space without having to resort to medicines. Scenar is used to treat both acute and chronic conditions bringing about faster healing and regeneration of the area. Scenar also works very well at helping to release pent up emotions that are trapped in our muscles (like stiff necks and shoulders and sore lower backs), and to soothe coughs and lung irritations.

  • 15 Minute Treatment $25.00
  • 30 Minute Treatment $40.00

Ionic Footbath:

Ionic Detox Footbaths provide a thorough cleansing of the body by drawing harmful toxins through the pores of your feet.

Patients sit comfortably while their feet are soaked in warm salt water charged with positive and negative ions. Through the sweat glands in your feet, toxins that are inhibiting your body and its vital organs from functioning at optimum levels are flushed.

Experience the relaxation and internal cleansing of an Ionic Detox Footbath.

For more information, including a list of typical benefits, who should not use an Ionic Detox footbath, and more, click here to view the brochure.

  • $40.00 per session
  • Pre-paid packages of 4 sessions for $120.00 are also available.

EIS Tech Pems Scan:

The E.S. TECK System is a biological screening system utilizing Evidence Based Medicine, which uses an Oximeter and Bio-Impedance Device to accurately measure over 69 bodily vital signs to help you and your body communicate.

The Electro Interstitial Scan-GS (EIS-GS) component is a similar device to an EEG or ECG.
It utilizes non-invasive bio-impedance sensors that send a slight electrical impulse through the interstitial fluid of the body in order to measure the ease or difficulty that the current travels. The SCAN gives a full 3D Body Model of all major organs and bodily systems to optimize clarity and understanding of the location, and levels of inflammation and stress issues in the body.

For more information, click here to view the brochure.

  • Price is $250.00 for an initial scan including a consultation and individualized wellness plan.


Prayer is available and encouraged at each appointment for every patient for healing and praise, guidance, direction and peace.

Separate Prayer appointments may also be scheduled; there is no set fee for such appointments, free-will offerings are accepted.


  Roxanne Harris DMH, DHHP, DynNC, DynBC    12875 County Road 43, Chesterville, ON  K0C 1H0     Tel. 613-448-4382